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Kaywa Zurich

Rank 1.0 /10

Address: Technoparkstrasse 1
8005  Zürich
Phone: +41438182940
Skype: roger.fischer
Email: contact@kaywa.com
URL: http://www.kaywa.com
Mobile URL: qrcode icon Click and scan the QR Code
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaywa
Open: Mon-Fri
09:00 - 18:00
Description: Kaywa - Services for the Mobile Internet
Kaywa started with mobile tagging in 2005 and popularized the QR Code in the West. At its core this means the Kaywa Reader and a QR Code API and QR Code management solution. Several value-added services to demonstrate the power of the QR Code for our mobile present were added: DokoDare, a social location based service; Kaywa Ticket, a mobile ticket and ticket scanning solution; Scanvenger, Scavenger Hunts with QR Codes amongst others.
Latitude 47.389944
Longitude 8.51588

+ Accomodation (3)
+ Culture/Leisure (10)
+ Eat&Drink (24)
+ Public Building (1)
+ Service /Shopping (13)
+ Sightseeing (2)
+ Transport (5)
+ Work/Study (15)


Watch the video explaining the difference between dynamic and static QR Codes at http://qrcode.kaywa.com

21:41 April 06, 2013

Premium is now available to purchase online https://qrcode.kaywa.com/billi...

22:17 November 30, 2012

Starter and Advanced are now available with direct one page billing. See our blog post at http://kaywa.me/mY1YS

11:23 November 05, 2012



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