Quick Tour
1. USE CASE PEOPLE: Badge with QR Code
2. USE CASE PLACES: Places with QR Code
3. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: HOME
4. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: REGISTER
5. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: ATTENDEES
6. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: MAP

1. USE CASE PEOPLE: Badge with QR Code

When scanning the QR Code on the badge with your mobile phone, you will get more information about the ISMAR attendee

If she/he is checked in at some DokoDare place, you will see it.

You can follow everyone, when you are logged in. Under the ME Tab on DokoDare Mobile, you will then find all the people you are following.

Logged in ISMAR attendees can also download the business vCard of an attendee.

And if you have interests and websites to add, you can complete your ID with it too (>> http://id.kaywa.com/username).

2. USE CASE PLACES: Places with QR Code (Sticker etc.)

DokoDare places in Orlando or elsewhere have QR Codes to point to their respective mobile site.

You can see an example here: http://dokodare.kaywa.com/202032742
This is the web version of the #orlandomarriott place whereas the QR Code brings you to the mobile version.

And here is the PDF version of the QR Code sticker for the #orlandomarriott.

By clicking "» More" underneath the place title you get more detailed information about a place like the address, phone number, link, description as well as a map.

You will also see other places in the immediate neighbourhood when scrolling down on the place page. And you can get a map to see their respective position.

If people have checked in at this place, they are visible and you can click on them to go to their ID.

On every place you see chronologically what people have written with the latest kayku on top. You also see, if people are checked in or if they wrote that kayku from another place. Kaykus can be retweeted if you have a Twitter account.

3. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: HOME

This is a schematic illustration of the HOME page. Click "I am attending" to register. If you have already a KaywaID, you can enter your KaywaID credentials to continue.

4. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: REGISTER

To register, fill in the fields. To open a mobile ID, we ask you to provide: username, password, email and a photo.

And if you want a vCard on your mobile ID, you should also fill out the business profile. This way somebody who is logged in and scans your QR Code can download your vCard right from your mobile ID.
PS: The business profile can always be reedited later on.

Once you have registered, you have to wait for the email and click on the link we provide to verify your email address.

Then you can come back to your account and download the ISMAR09 badge with a QR Code as a PDF.

※ Privacy: It's up to you to decide how much you want to show on your business profile to logged in users. Kaywa respects your privacy. We never exchange any personal data with a third party.

5. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: ATTENDEES

On the left, you see all attendees which have registered. If you click on their photo, you'll see their ID QR Code and you can immediately follow them. Following has two consequences:

1. When going on DokoDare with your mobile phone, you will find all the Kaykus of the persons you follow at Following » People under the ME tab.

2. It sends a message to the person you are following, telling them that you are following them.

On the right, you can see all the Kaykus from the attendees. You also see where they have written Kaykus and if they are checked in somewhere.

※ If you want to open places in your city to post Kaykus from there, send an email to dokodare@kaywa.com, so that we can tell you how this works.

6. ISMAR 2009 on DokoDare: MAP

On Map you see all opened places in Orlando, Florida. On the right you find the places that the ISMAR09 organizers recommend.

By clicking on a pin, you get the name of the place and what kind of place it is, as well as the QR Code pointing to the mobile version of the place. If you click on the place name, a DokoDare place page will open.